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Alfred Basic Graded Course, Mumbai – February 19, 2019

Event Date: February 19, 2019

The Alfred’s Basic Graded Course was developed as a response to the request of innumerable teachers all over the world for a reliable method to prepare students for graded practical exams in piano and music theory exams. The program is based on the legendary Alfred Basic Piano Library which makes it not only a great resource to train students for examinations but has a superior pedigree as a standalone method of learning as well.

The ABGC consists of 3 lesson books and 3 theory books, which are created keeping in mind the syllabi of Trinity, ABRSM and LCM examinations. The three lesson books begin from an elementary level to Grade 1 and the theory books follow a similar structure. Each Lesson book consists of examination pieces from previous syllabi, aural training tests, sight reading exercises along with every important aspect of piano playing required for that level. The theory books include practice material in the same vein as the actual examination as well as an actual sample paper and mock papers giving students information in an attractive layout while structuring the books for easy use by the teachers.

To introduce the series for the first time in India, Mr Andrew Higgins, author of the Basic Graded Course, Vice President, Alfred and one of the oldest clinicians of the famed Alfred Basic Piano Library will conduct a 5 city workshop tour taking attendees through each of the ABGC books and supplementary titles. He will provide live examples from handbooks on how the methodology links to examinations. As an experienced teacher himself who still takes children through this system, he is perfectly placed to showcase the theory and techniques incorporated in the program. Trialling Alfred’s Basic Graded Course with two of his own students he was happy to report both passed with distinction.

Each workshop will be of three-hour duration. It will be an interactive event with live demonstrations and exercises. Attendees will be able to purchase a wide variety of Alfred books including the ABGC at each venue and get to discuss their teaching methodology with Mr Higgins.


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