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Guitar Jams, Mumbai – February 2019

The Guitar Jamming Sessions are an initiative of the Mumbai branches of Theme Music Institutes. An unexpected hit with guitar players of all ages, the Jamming Sessions are conducted in house, with a pre-determined set list that students know beforehand, but have no sheet music for. On the day of the Jam, all players sight read chord charts and tablature together to create an amazing atmosphere of music that goes beyond genres. At times, students from the voice and piano departments join the Jam as well, making these events something that everyone looks forward to! The Guitar faculty constantly innovates with the format of the Jam, adding multiple parts, live backing tracks and sometimes even playing a small guest spot at the end. It is truly a fun day of music for everyone.
The Guitar Jams will take place on:

17 February 2019: Juhu and Bandra
23 February 2019: Nepeansea Road

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