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Kawai Junior Piano Contest-2019

The mission of the Kawai Junior Piano Competition is to encourage and to promote musical culture among children and youth by holding an annual piano competition which showcases the talents of gifted participants from all over India and provides opportunities for music appreciation, better musical understanding, and interactions with distinguished teachers for further musical growth. For the 2019 competition, the repertoire of 4 pieces will be: a piece by G F Handel from the Baroque Era (List A), a piece by W A Mozart from the Classical Era (List B), a piece by P I Tchaikovsky from the Romantic Era (List C), and an own choice choice/composition (List D). Do bear in mind that the repertoire should be contrasting. There will be 3 rounds.


1st Round: Preliminary Video Round.

Participant has to perform a piece of their own choice (any piece from piano exam concluded in 2018) at the appropriate level. This audition needs to be sent as a video clip with the following conditions: 1. The recording should not be edited or spliced and should be done in a single take. 2. The recording needs to be done in an environment that is as quiet as possible. 3. The performance should be on a digital or acoustic piano only. No keyboard performances are permitted. 4. Name of candidate, age, city, piece, composer, and grade passed needs to be announced clearly before the performance. These clips can be uploaded on Google Drive and link can be emailed to us at kjpc@thememusic.in. Video clips need to reach the Convener NO LATER than Jan 15th, 2019.


2nd Round: Semi-finals at Bengaluru. (12th May 2019)

Selected Semi-Finalists (who will be announced by 25th January 2019) will have to make a payment of Rs 3600 by Cheques/DD/Bank Transfer in favor of THEME MUSIC COMPETITION to register into this round. Last Date to receive Semi-Finals Entries is 20th February 2019. Semi-Finalists are required to perform 2 out of the selected piece by drawing of lots. Lots will also be drawn to determine the order of performance. Participants are permitted to select one own choice piece that fits into the Appropriate Repertoire Type with prior approval from the Convener.


3rd Round: Finals at Bengaluru (12th May 2019)

The Finalists will be announced by the Convenor. Order of Performances is determined by drawing of lots. The competition will follow this order except at the discretion of the Convener, or for unusual and extenuating circumstances. All 4 pieces will need to be performed. Performing order for each program is determined by the participant.

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