Annual events that give its students a great platform to perform in front of audiences

THEME conducts a series of annual events that give its students a great platform to perform in front of audiences, increase their musical awareness and knowledge and make them confident individuals. The following events are held annually in all THEME branches across the country

Theme Annual Concert

The Theme Annual Concert is famous for its performances by Theme’s student who prepare in a collaborative effort to pull off amazing renditions of classics, modern hits and even movie soundtracks. Original music composed by the students themselves is also performed. The teachers’ performance is the highlight of each show and it gives a testimonial to the quality and efforts that teachers at Theme put in for each student.

Theme Annual Music Quiz

The Theme Annual Music Quiz is an open event held every year for all THEME students. It is a fun filled event which encourages students to study aspects of music they would not encounter in their daily routines and put their knowledge up for test. Different levels of students compete against each other in teams for exciting prizes and the chance to be crowned the best quizzers of the school.


Theme regularly organizes in house recitals for all its upcoming students. These recitals, spread throughout the year give an excellent chance for all students to showcase their talent and to gain confidence playing in front of an audience. The summer recital, the Independence Day recital, the Christmas recital and the annual teachers recital are the main events of the annual recital calendar.

The Young Performer's Concert

A unique initiative by Theme, The Young Performers concert is a way for students of Theme to witness some of the most promising young musicians of the country in action at Theme centres throughout the country. Performers famous for their prowess over their instruments are invited every month to Theme to perform for students and a large general audience.

Spread the music week

For one week every year, young students are encouraged to bring along one of their friends to attend one of their classes. This enables the students to show their friends the music that they have been learning and inspire their friends to pick up music as well. Hence this week allows students to ‘spread the music’ across their own group.