• Extended Length Keysticks
  •  Concert Length Key Buttons
  • Dual Duplex Scaling for added tonal richness
  • Solid Brass Agraffes- For even string spacing and easy tuning
  • Solid Spruce Precision Tapered Soundboard
  • Steel-Reinforced, Multi-Laminated Keybed for strength and optimum energy transfer
  • Steel-Reinforced Keyslip for strength and stability to avoid sticking keys
  • Ultra-Slow “Soft-Fall” Fallboard

Product Description

The GL-20 provides maximum performance with a base impression. With elements ordinarily found in bigger grands, it is a potent performer with a delicate profile. GL-20 Features ABS- Carbon Technology with Carbon Fiber. It also has Strecher Over-Lap Integrated Design.
Length: 157 cm, Width: 150 cm, Height: 102 cm, Weight: 300 kg.


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