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“Q” makes it possible to transform your digital piano into an endless array of music through QRS Music Library and all of this WITH MOVING KEYS.
Although this model (VGP4000Q) comes with a 1300 song library already built in, you can add the PNO3 upgrade to unveil the thousands of songs in the QRS Music Library giving you unlimited capabilities.

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The Sound

The Abundant Sound of the ROS V.5 Plus (Real Orchestra Sound Version 5+)

The ROS V.5 Plus sound source combine Schnure’s innovative and unique sampling technology with the sound of finest European grand pianos to produce its refreshingly new sound.
With Schnure’s innovative and unique sampling technology in one pocket and the sound of finest European grand pianos in the other, the ROS V.5 Plus sound source now enjoys a new birth in its refreshingly new sound.
Due to the sampling technology Schnure is able to offer a uniquely expressive tone color, its sound deeply resonating with its player providing the most satisfactory playing experience.
Equipped with the sounds of top tier European grand pianos, the ROS V.5 Plus employs the large-capacity MLFSS (Multi Layered Full Scale Sound) to offer its two distinguished grand piano voices. One button click is all that takes to pick your choice that suits your music.
These quality grand piano voices could serve many kinds of musical interests.

Supporting high – capacity memory and diverse expression

The abundant sound of a digital piano requires a memory space that is large enough to contain the high- resolution samples.
Schnure’s ROS V5 Plus supports a total of 8Gb of memory in order to store all its large-sized MLFSS (Multi Layered Full Scale Sound) and MLS (Multi Layer Sound) sources.
The MLFSS (Multi Layered Full Scale Sound), with its extremely large data size, assigns separate sample data to each portion of dynamic range which is divided into many levels, allowing natural expression of forte and piano to play it is like to have many different types of high-end grand pianos in one hand due to its inclusion of diverse grand piano sound with differing characters.
With this wide selection of grand piano voices, all genres and styles ranging from 18th century Baroque to contemporary music are fully covered, its expression more accurately in the character of the style.

The deeply resounding resonance of the grand piano

When a grand piano is played it produces a variety of different sounds that are not directly resulting from the keystroke – the product of various resonance phenomenon, Schnure captures each of them into its digital pianos in order to provide more authentic piano – playing experience.
This feature, called the Acoustic simulator, allows to closely emulate the characteristics of the acoustic piano sounds. Sting resonance, damper resonance, damper samples and key – off sounds are included in the samples as to bring this sensational experience of hearing the sounds of a concert grand in a resonance – optimized concert hall.
The string resonance emulates the vibrations of sympathetic strings that occur when playing a grand piano. While a note is being held down, playing an additional note whose frequency is a multiple of the first one causes all strings sympathetic with that overtone series to vibrate. This resonance effect is applied to the sounds so that the authentic grand piano sound is replicated allowing for fully resonant harmony.
The damper resonance refers to the particular resonance effect that takes place when using the damper pedal. When the pedal is pressed all dampers inside the piano are lifted from the strings, and it is the sound resulting from the interaction between notes and dampers that is sampled. Differing effects are provided depending on the depth the pedal is pressed.
Also, the damper samples capture the natural vibrations of all free strings except the ones played, with the dampers raised above the strings.
The Key – off sound emulates the subtle sound that occurs as a key is released. It recreates the sound of dampers falling back onto their respective strings as the pianist releases his or her hand off the keys, allowing for more realistic playing.
These in – depth resonance and the other subtle components of piano sound, along with the brand new enhanced keyboards of Schnure, are designed to provide natural playing experience, embellished with all – natural touch, response and sound.

256 Maximum Polyphony

Larger number of maximum polyphony allows a digital piano to play more notes simultaneously without running out of handling capacity which causes loss of earlier notes.
Schnure supports maximum 256 notes of polyphony, which is enough to fully support the performance by the professional pianists.

Equalizer System for Customizing

Schnures equalizer System divides the full frequency range of piano sounds into four levels consisting of high (~2.6KHz), middle-high (~1KHz), middle-low (~300Hz) and low (~115Hz), and allows to adjust the volume of each frequency range independently.
8 types of preset EQ is included, as well as the option to fully customize your own frequency- volume settings, and you are free to perform with the sound of your choice.


New RHA – 3W

Conveys the feeling of real keys that every pianist desires.
New RHA – 3W was born with the sole objective of creating a keyboard as close as possible to acoustic piano keys, and presents the best qualities of acoustic key touch on a digital piano. Enjoy the sensations, with the new generation of Schnure digital pianos.

Wooden Key

Before making it to the keys, the wood used for RHA – 3W goes through processes identical with those that are used to create acoustic piano keys, then is subjected to careful inspection. This detailed process ensures that the keys would be of the fine quality and close to the feel, weight and touch of acoustic piano keys.

Graded Key Hammer Action

In order to better represent the touch response of acoustic piano keys, the keys of RHA – 3W grows in weight as it moves towards the bass and vice versa, allowing the pianist more natural control over the keys.

Triple Sensor System

The triple sensor system of RHA – 3W, a creation of Schnure’s technical expertise allows extremely fine key movements to speak out. Equipped with three sensors that keep track of the subtlest movements of the keys, RHA – 3W reacts more sensitively to the movement of its keys and translates that motion into a realistic and breathing piano performance.


Virtual Pianist System

The Virtual Pianist is a VGP – 4000 feature that ‘performs’ its keyboard automatically in accordance with a demo piece that is being played. This used to be something that was only possible by adding on an expensive device to an already expensive acoustic piano, but Schnure’s technology came up with a self playing system independently, requiring no additional devices and easily accessed via simple controls. Schnure provides a free music library consisting of about 1,300 pieces coming from different genres to be played through the player system for enjoyment, without needing an accomplished pianist.

  • Convenient MIDI Access
    Connect to a computer or an external MIDI device via USB MIDI using the USB TO HOST terminal to gain access to all MIDI related projects and performances.
  • Recording and Playing
    Recording is easily accessible by connecting to external devices (computers, tablets or smart phones) via USB audio, and playing recorded material is just as simple. The piano is also capable of playing music files stored in an MP3 player.

*The USB features support Windows / Mac/ iOS/ Android systems. Actual compatibility may vary depending on the specific version and the types of the app.

Half- Pedal

Pianists control the amount of sustains they get when using the damper pedal by adjusting how deep they press it. In order to further enhance playing experience, Schnure incorporates the half pedal feature which is designed to respond to the depth of the pedal to provide the players with the ability to perform the delicate control that they exercise on acoustic pianos.

Volume Control of Resonance Effects

The acoustic grand is a source of many different resonance phenomenon, having captured these subtle elements of piano sound into its digital lineups, Schnure also offers the option to control the strength of these various resonance effects so that in one would be able to set up the configuration that suits oneself.

  • Damper Resonance Volume Control
  • String Resonance Volume Control
  • Damper Resonance Sound Volume Control
  • Key-off Sound Volume Control
  • Mechanical Noise Sound Volume Control
Stretched Tuning

Acoustic grand pianos have some variations in the frequencies of overtones depending on the tension and stiffness of the strings, and a unique tuning method called stretched tuning is employed to compensate for it. This method tunes the low notes lower than their actual pitches and high notes higher, addressing the balance between the overtones of notes and therefore reducing the dissonance that occurs as multiple notes are played simultaneously.

Registration Memory

Once fully set, the full configuration (voices, parameters etc.) of the piano may be stored to one of the registration memory slots to be recalled later for future access. A performer may recall his/her favorite configuration with surprising convenience.

Auto Power Off

In order to conserve energy and reduce power consumption, Schnure pianos are equipped with auto power management system that turns the power off following 30 minutes of inactivity.

Smart Bay

The smart box consisting of USB TO HOST, AUX IN/OUT and USB TO DEVICE ports is located on the right side of the control panel for ergonomic concerns, facilitating convenient connections with external devices and easier access to smart features.

Fully Dimensional Sound System

Equipped with high-end spec woofer and twitter speakers, Schnure produce more realistic sound than ever before. Its 2-way, 6 speaker composition offers abundant and powerful sound.

LCD Display / Data Wheel

The wide LCD panel helps to conveniently operate the piano and makes it even easier to control with data wheel, providing an altogether intuitive interface for the users.

Other Features
  • Many performing utilities including Layer, Split, Twin Piano
  • Playback of Beyer, Czerny and Burgmuller etudes for enhance piano learning experience.
  • High quality reverb stimulator to create the atmosphere of fine concert halls
 Model Name  VGP-4000Q 
 Keyboard   New RHA-3W
 Wooden Key
 Player System
 Polyphony Note   Max. 256
 Sound   Preset Sound   EXV 10 + GM 128
 * Source   ROS V.5 Plus
 Multi Layered Full Scale Sound   2 Pianos
 Multi Layered Sound   3 Pianos
 Total Bank Memory Size   8G bit
 Rhythm    80
 Display   128 x 64 Graphic LCD 
 Piano Effect   Full Scale String Resonance Sound   Yes (Adjustable)
 Damper Resonance Digital Effect   Yes (Adjustable)
 Damper Resonance Sound   Yes (Adjustable)
 Full Scale Key-off Sound   Yes (Adjustable)
 Full Scale Mechanical Noise Sound   Yes (Adjustable)
 Stretch Tune   Yes
 Music   Classical Music   50 Music (Internal)
 / over 1,000 Music (USB)
 Educational Music    Beyer 106
 Czerny 100-30-40
 Burgmuller 25
 Sonatine – with Left & Right hand practice function
 Music Key Transpose   Yes
 USB Music Player    MP3   Yes
 SMF (Standard MIDI File)   Format 0/1 with Lyric display
 AMD (Advanced MIDI File)   Yes
 DSP   Reverb   HD Reverb
 Effect   HD Effect 
 EQ/3D   8 Preset
 with 4 Band Graphic EQ
 Pedal   3 (Soft/Sostenuto/Damper)
 Support Half Damper Pedal
 USB connection   MIDI Interface   Yes                              
 Audio Interface   Yes (48KHz 24bit)
 Compatibility   USB 2.0
 PC/ Mac/ iOS/ Android
 External Memory   USB Memory Stick
 Record   2 Track Save/ Load to USB
 Function   Layer   Yes (Adjustable Vol.)
 Split   Yes (Adjustable Vol.)
 Twin Piano   Yes
 Master Tune   Yes
 Master Key- Transpose   Yes
 Touch    Yes
 Metronome   Yes
 Brilliance   Yes
 Registration   16 (4 Bank x 4)
 Octave   Yes
 Scale Tune   9 Scales
 Mic Effect   HD Effect 
 Terminal   Smart Box   Yes
 USB to Host   USB MINI Type B
 USB to Device   USB Type A
 Stereo Audio Out    3.5mm Stereo / RCA 
 Stereo Audio In (MP3 in)    3.5mm Stereo
 MIDI   In/Out
 Mic In   In
 Pedal In   In
 Output   50W + 50W
 (2-Way 6 Speakers)
 Dimension (W x L x H)   1515 x 1420 x 1010 mm

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