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Adult Piano Courses

The THEME’s Adult Piano Course (TAPC) was designed by keeping in mind the busy lives of Adults. This course is for those who wish to learn the piano for recreational purposes. Students learn to play songs from all genres, develop a strong sense of pitch and rhythm, develop music reading abilities, understand basic theory and enjoy playing with fellow musicians.

This class is for anyone and everyone above the age of 18.

  • Group

    • 6 students per class
    • 1 hour, once a week

  • Solo

    • One to one class
    • 45 minutes, once a week

  • Class Timings are available as follows:
    Weekdays – 11am to 7pm
    Saturdays – 11am to 7pm
    Sundays – 11am to 3pm
  • Please contact your local branch for more details.
  • Internal :-
    The Adult Piano Course uses a continuous in class assessment format. This enables students to move at their own pace.The structure of assessments will differ in a group and a solo lesson.
  • External :-
    Examinations for the Theme Adult Piano Course are conducted through the London College of Music Examinations and the Trinity College of Music. Students have the option of taking up popular music or classical music examinations from both boards.
  • Introduction to rhythm, pitching, history of music and playing technique.
  • Focus on repertoire development, giving adult students the freedom of playing music of their interest.
  • Reading staff notation and tablature using audio visuals and software.
  • Extensive technical and aural training.
  • A group ensemble method of learning where all students are at the same learning levels, with a student teacher ratio of 6:1.
  • Class recitals and testing is integrated into the curriculum as part of a student’s quarterly learning goals.
  • Multiple performance opportunities through concerts and recitals.
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