SERENADE is a Concert Series featuring our own Theme students of
Intermediate to Advanced Levels of Piano Playing.

The Inaugural Series will have two concerts on 12th December 2021, one at 4PM and the next at 6PM. Each concert will feature 7 pianists who will be presenting 6-8 mins worth of Repertoire each.

The Featured Pianists are as follows:

– Rahul Pradeep
– Mayuki Gupta
– Sohan Raguram
– Ashwin Sundhararajan
– Nadia Ann Rose
– Anjalika Raina
– Arjun Sundhararajan

– Tara Gupta Mohan
– Harsimran Thethi
– Kavya Vijay Veerla
– Deviprasad AV
– Aditi Athreya
– Mithun Makam
– Nishanth Chandrasekaran

The performers will feature works from Baroque to Modern Styles.

Wishing our performers the very best.