JOSEPH HAYDN Complete Piano Sonatas Volume II


Georg Feder (Editor)

18 Pianists* (Fingering)

Silke Schloen (Preface, Critical Report)

Urtext Edition, paperbound

revised edition
replaces HN 240

Pages 215 (XIV+201), Size 23,5 x 31,0 cm

Weight 820 g

HN 1338

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55 Sonatas, 55 Pianists – Edition in 3 volumes: HN 1336 (Volume I), HN 1338 (Volume II), HN 1340 (Volume III)

55 internationally celebrated pianists were invited to adopt one Haydn piano sonata each and provide it with their personal fingerings – a “who’s who” on the contemporary piano scene. G. Henle Publishers now presents this classic, revised and with a new look, to all pianists in the certainty that Haydn’s sonatas will further cement their place in the world of music. Volume II contains three sets of six sonatas, each more famous than the last and all replete with delightful thematic ideas – it is here one finds the core of Haydn’s sonata production, which amateurs and professionals alike simply cannot do without!

Paul Lewis (Hob. XVI:20 c minor)
Wolfram Schmitt-Leonardy (Hob. XVI:21 C major)
Igor Levit (Hob. XVI:22 E major)
Paul Badura-Skoda (Hob. XVI:23 F major)
Martin Helmchen (Hob. XVI:24 D major)
Ronald Brautigam (Hob. XVI:25 E flat major)
Pascal Rogé (Hob. XVI:26 A major)
Alexei Lubimov (Hob. XVI:27 G major)
Kirill Gerstein (Hob. XVI:28 E flat major)
Yukio Yokoyama (Hob. XVI:29 F major)
Ekaterina Derzhavina (Hob. XVI:30 A major)
Severin von Eckardstein (Hob. XVI:31 E major)
Stephen Hough (Hob. XVI:32 b minor)
Dénes Várjon (Hob. XVI:35 C major)
Robert Levin (Hob. XVI:36 c sharp minor)
Lars Vogt (Hob. XVI:37 D major)
Andreas Groethuysen (Hob. XVI:38 E flat major)
Michael Korstick (Hob. XVI:39 G major)

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