KAWAI CA701 Digital Piano

Premium Concert Artist authenticity

Combining Kawai’s industry-leading Grand Feel III wooden-key keyboard action, brand new SK-EX Competition Grand sounds with multi-channel sampling and resonance modelling, premium audio processing and amplification technologies, and a powerful 6-speaker output system, the CA701 delivers grand piano playing authenticity at a competitive price.

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■  Industry-leading Grand Feel III wooden-key keyboard action
■  Ivory & Ebony Touch key surfaces, 3-sensor, let-off, counterweights
■  Brand new and exclusive SK-EX Competition Grand piano sounds
■  Premium audio processing and amplification technologies
■  High-performance speaker system with 360°speaker diffuser panels

■  Latest Bluetooth® MIDI and Audio v5 wireless connectivity
■  Modern 5″ LCD touchscreen display embedded within cheekblock
■  MP3/WAV/SMF playback, record, and overdub to USB
■  Spatial Headphone Sound for enhanced depth and realism
■  Attractive cabinet with 6-position music rest and score support pins

Feel Inspired

A piano that will encourage enthusiastic players to become accomplished pianists, and transform living rooms into grand concert halls.  This is the ambitious philosophy behind Kawai’s latest Concert Artist series – premium instruments that capture the essence of playing a magnificent concert grand piano, and inspire musicians to realise their true artistic potential.


The Touch of a Grand Piano: Grand Feel III wooden key action

Embracing many of the long-established principles associated with an acoustic piano, the Grand Feel III keyboard action utilised by the CA701 combines realistic materials, motion, and mechanism to recreate the exceptional touch of the finest concert grand pianos.

#1 Long wooden key   #2 Counterweight   #3 Balance pins   #4 Weighted hammers
#5 Let-off mechanism   #6 Triple sensor   #7 Ivory Touch key surface   #8 Ebony Touch key surface

All eighty-eight black and white keys are crafted entirely from long pieces of wood, with finely textured ivory and ebony-like surfaces applied to absorb moisture and assist control. Each wooden key pivots smoothly on a balance pin – the ends rising and falling to replicate the familiar ‘seesaw’ motion of an acoustic piano action. When pressed, the back of the key lifts, triggering a grade-weighted hammer to strike a pressure switch. The amount of force applied to this switch is then measured, and the corresponding note played with authentic tonal character and volume.

Extra-long key length, Extra-long pivot length

In addition to featuring extended, fully wooden keys, Grand Feel keyboard actions also boast some of the longest key pivot lengths – matching that of a Kawai grand piano.

This extended key pivot length provides a more evenly balanced touch weight from the front to the rear of each key, allowing greater fluency and expressive control, while also minimizing the need to readjust one’s technique when playing an acoustic grand piano.

88-key Graded Counterweights

In addition to grade-weighted hammers, the Grand Feel III action also features metal counterweights, attached beneath each key, and graded across the length of the keyboard.

As with an acoustic piano, these additional weights help to balance the touch of the keyboard during pianissimo passages, while providing a feeling of greater substance and solidity when playing with force.

Triple sensor key detection

The Grand Feel III keyboard action also features an accurate triple-sensor key detection system for enhanced playing realism.

The added third sensor improves responsiveness when playing the same key repeatedly, and unlike conventional two sensor keyboard actions found in many digital pianos, allows the sound of a single note to be gradually ‘layered’ without the previous tone being lost.

In addition, Kawai’s action technology also monitors the speed at which each key is lifted, influencing the release character of piano sounds, and providing a greater range of expression between staccato and legato playing.

Ivory & Ebony Touch key surfaces

The exceptional CA701 features Kawai’s highly regarded Ivory Touch white key surfaces as standard.  This finely textured material gently assists playing control, and possesses a natural, matte finish that is smooth but not slippery.

To complement these premium white keys, Kawai has also developed Ebony Touch, a special black key material that reproduces the finely-textured grain and rich lustre of real ebony wood.  The result is a keyboard surface that looks and feels as luxurious as some of the world’s finest grand pianos, inspiring musicians of all levels to become better pianists.

Let-off Simulation

As the most authentic digital piano keyboard action, Grand Feel III even reproduces the ‘let-off’ characteristic of acoustic piano actions.  This subtle ‘notch’ sensation can be felt when playing the keys of a grand piano very gently, and may be used by experienced pianists to aid control when playing pianissimo passages.

In addition, the Grand Feel III action supports playing notes from the let-off point (sometimes referred to as playing ‘off the jack’), allowing the most advanced piano techniques to be performed.


The Sound of a Grand Piano: Shigeru Kawai SK-EX

Eponymously named after the company’s second president, the Shigeru Kawai range of luxury grand pianos were conceived as the next step in evolving the art of the piano. Each world-class instrument is hand-crafted by experienced piano artisans, using the finest available materials to ensure optimum touch, tone, and artistic expression.

Widely regarded as ‘the premier piano of Japan’, the flagship SK-EX grand piano graces the stages of concert halls and musical institutions around the globe, receiving universal acclaim for its tonal clarity and exceptional dynamic range. The magnificent tone of the SK-EX is at the heart of the CA701, with the latest model featuring two distinctive recreations of this peerless instrument.

SK-EX Competition Grand

The brand new SK-EX Competition Grand captures the sound of the latest generation SK-EX-L instruments, that in recent years have achieved success at the Chopin, Hamamatsu, and Sendai international piano competitions. This piano sound possesses a brilliant, clear tonal character, with a distinctive thick attack, and is specifically recorded from the pianist’s position.

SK-EX Concert Grand

The SK-EX Concert Grand captures the sound from an earlier SK-EX instrument, and is characterised by a warm, sensitive tone, and wide attack with rich reverberation. The tonal elegance of the SK-EX Concert Grand neatly complements the brilliance of the latest Competition Grand incarnation, allowing performers to enjoy the contrasting qualities of both sounds.

SK-EX Rendering sound engine

In order to faithfully reproduce the stunning sound of a Shigeru Kawai grand piano digitally, Kawai has developed SK-EX Rendering.  This special, piano-only sound engine focusses the Concert Artist’s DSP power, combining multi-channel, 88-key sampling with the latest resonance modelling technology to deliver pure acoustic piano authenticity.  When SK-EX Rendering is selected for either the Competition Grand or Concert Grand sounds, players can choose five differently prepared piano characters, ranging from Classic and Brilliant to Romantic, Rich, and Vintage.

Multi-channel Sampling

While digital pianos typically employ single-point stereo sampling, the SK-EX Rendering engine’s multi-channel sampling captures the sound from different points of the Shigeru Kawai concert grand.

This modern technique not only allows a broader range of tonal characteristics to be recorded and reproduced, but also improves the connection felt between the keyboard and piano sound, resulting in a more lively and authentic response to changes in dynamics.

Full Resonance Modelling

This naturally expressive Shigeru Kawai sound is further enriched by newly developed resonance algorithms, which physically model the complex tonal interactions produced by the strings, dampers, and various other parts of an acoustic piano.

Unlike other resonance simulations, SK-EX Rendering generates resonances for the damper pedal and all 88 keys progressively (i.e. in gradual amounts, not simply on or off), allowing the Concert Artist to behave – and therefore be controlled – more like an acoustic piano.

Harmonic Imaging XL sound engine

Accompanying the dedicated SK-EX Rendering pianos, the CA701 also features the flexible Harmonic Imaging XL sound engine, which offers a broader selection of instrument voices, and the ability to combine sounds.  Harmonic Imaging XL also showcases a selection of alternative acoustic pianos captured with full 88-key stereo sampling.

The Kawai EX full concert grand piano has frequently been selected by professional pianists in such prestigious events as the Chopin, Tchaikovsky, and Rubinstein international piano competitions, while the Shigeru Kawai SK-5 chamber grand and Kawai K-60 upright allow performers to enjoy the contrasting tonal characteristics of various different piano sizes and voicing configurations.

Personalised piano adjustments

The knowledge and skill of an experienced piano technician is essential to bring out the best of a fine acoustic piano. In addition to tuning each note, the technician also performs numerous regulation and voicing adjustments that allow the instrument to truly sing.

The CA701’s powerful Virtual Technician function simulates these refinements digitally, allowing discerning musicians to shape aspects of the selected piano’s character to suit their personal preferences.

Perform touch weight and voicing adjustments, regulate hammer and key release noises, and fine-tune string, damper, and cabinet resonances.  It is even possible to adjust the precise tuning, volume, and character of individual notes – all in real-time.

Rich sound selection

Supplementing the beautiful acoustic piano voices, the CA701 also features an excellent selection of additional instruments, ranging from electric pianos and drawbar or church organs, to strings, human choirs, and synth pads, inviting musicians to add greater variety to their performances.

Furthermore, the Dual playing mode also allows two different sounds, such as grand piano and strings, to be layered together for a richer, more luscious tone, while the Split and Four Hands modes divide the keyboard into two independent sections with separate sounds for each.  The volume balances and other settings for each playing mode can also be easily adjusted using the instrument’s intuitive touchscreen interface.


Premium audio technologies

Developed by Kawai R&D’s highly experienced audio engineering team, the CA701 utilises specialist components designed for high-end audio reproduction. A high performance DAC system combines with the Concert Artist’s high specification power amplifiers to reproduce the Shigeru Kawai SK-EX sounds with stunning richness and clarity.

Advanced DAC system

The CA701’s high performance DAC (digital analogue conversion) system features audiophile-grade components that produce clear, high quality sound with a vast dynamic range.

In addition, the DAC utilises a custom sampling filter process that is specifically tuned for Kawai acoustic piano sounds, preserving the unique characteristics of the SK-EX concert grand.

Premium Power Amplifiers

Two separate amplifier modules that deliver sound energy with maximum efficiency.  These custom designed amplifiers utilise high specification components for improved richness and presence, with a vast dynamic range that is free of distortion.

Discrete Headphone Amplifier

A unique headphone amplifier developed using the latest audio technologies.  This class-leading amplifier features a 500 V/µs slew-rate, ensuring ultra-fast response to rapid changes in sound level, fully reproducing the piano’s dynamic characteristics.


Powerful 6-speaker output system

The latest Concert Artist instruments feature high fidelity speaker systems that have been specially designed to deliver deep bass and crisp treble frequencies.  The high specification CA701 boasts an improved 6-speaker output system, with lower range frequencies delivered through the underside of the instrument, and mid and high frequencies projected outward via top-mounted speakers and front-facing tweeters.  The result is a broad, resonating tone that closely mirrors the immersive sound field of an acoustic grand piano.

360° Speaker Diffusers

In addition to utilising premium driver units, the CA701’s top-mounted speakers also feature custom-engineered diffuser panels, which help to expand the pianos’ tonal projection in all directions.

These additional components create a 360° sound field around the instrument, ensuring a natural piano sound for both the player, and those listening elsewhere in the room.


The Variety of a Digital Piano: Convenience & Flexibility

Complementing the instrument’s class-leading Grand Feel III keyboard action and stunning SK-EX Rendering piano sound engine, the CA701 also offers a strong selection of digital features that further enhance one’s musical enjoyment.

Full Bluetooth® V5 connectivity and USB audio record/playback allows musicians to extend the functionality of their piano, or play-along with their favourite artists, while the convenient metronome and integrated lesson functions, featuring classical etudes and Alfred course books, ensure that regular practise is both productive and engaging for aspiring pianists.

All functions are accessible from the CA701’s 5″ anti-glare touchscreen display, which allows sounds and settings to be selected from an attractive user interface simply by tapping or swiping the display with a finger.

The screen can also be set to fade out automatically while playing, thus preserving the instruments’ acoustic piano-like appearance, and minimising any visual distractions to the performer.

Integrated Bluetooth® connectivity

In addition to a standard USB port for connecting to computers, the CA701 also features integrated Bluetooth® MIDI and Audio technologies that allow the instrument to communicate with supported smart devices wirelessly.

Once paired with a phone, tablet, or laptop, Concert Artist owners can enjoy a wide variety of exciting music-related apps that enhance their learning and playing experience, or stream audio from songs and videos directly through the instruments’ premium amplifier and speaker systems without the need to connect additional cables.

* Availability of Bluetooth® function may vary depending on market area.

* For more information please refer to the Bluetooth MIDI Information support page.

PianoRemote app

The CA701 allows the user-friendly touchscreen interface to also be accessed via the dedicated PianoRemote app for iOS and supported Android devices. The app connects to the piano wirelessly via the Concert Artists’ integrated Bluetooth, providing an effortless way to change sounds, or enjoy the vast array of built-in music content from the comfort of an armchair.

Flexible USB connectivity

In addition to wireless functionality, the Concert Artist is also equipped with USB ports that allow the instrument to be connected directly to a computer for MIDI use, or to load and save data to USB memory devices.

This latter USB to Device functionality allows recorder songs stored within internal memory to be safely preserved on USB flash drives, or for standard MIDI files (SMF) downloaded from the internet to be played back and enjoyed using the instrument’s exquisite Harmonic Imaging XL sounds without additional hardware or cables.

MP3/WAV Playback & Record

USB memory devices can also be used to play back MP3 or WAV audio files, allowing musicians to learn the chords or melody for a new piece, or simply enjoy playing along with their favourite songs.  It is even possible to record entire performances (including external Line In and Bluetooth sources) as MP3 or WAV audio files for emailing to family and friends, or casual listening away from the piano.

Built-in lesson & finger exercises

The CA701’s convenient lesson function allows aspiring pianists to learn piano with classical Czerny, Burgmüller, Beyer, Bach, Beethoven, and Chopin etudes, or a collection of songs from the popular Alfred’s Basic, Adult, and Premier course books.

With a strong emphasis on acoustic piano realism, the Concert Artist also features traditional finger exercises, scales, and warm-up drills, and includes companion books for all classical scores to further aid one’s piano development.

* Included score books dependent on market location.

* Alfred lesson books sold separately.

Grand Feel Pedal System

Reinforcing the Concert Artist’s reputation as the most realistic digital piano is Kawai’s Grand Feel Pedal System.  This unique feature accurately replicates the position and individual weighting of the damper, soft, and sostenuto pedals of the Shigeru Kawai SK-EX concert grand piano to further enhance the CA701’s acoustic piano-like authenticity.

Moreover, it is also possible to adjust the half-pedal sensitivity of the damper pedal, and effectiveness of the soft pedal using dedicated Virtual Piano Artisan parameters, allowing experienced pianists to personalise the instrument’s response to match their individual pedalling technique.

Superior headphone experience

The CA701’s Spatial Headphone Sound (SHS) technology enhances the depth and realism of the instrument’s sound when listening through headphones or earphones.  The player can select one of three different acoustic presets that adjust the spatial positioning of the sound, while also helping to reduce auditory fatigue when using earphones or headphones for extended periods of time.

In addition, the CA701 also allows players to specify the type of headphones connected (Open, Semi-open, Closed, In-Ear, Canal, etc.) to ensure an optimal listening experience.


Grand first impressions

Sitting down at the CA701, the first thing that strikes the player is the instrument’s flat fascia and tall upper board, giving the impression of a grand piano and immediately elevating the musical aspirations of the performer. The distinctive KAWAI badge – representing three generations of proud family leadership, and over 95 years of piano excellence – adorns the CA701’s fallboard, with its warm, metallic glow mirroring the graceful movements of the player’s hands below.

Modern classic design

The CA701 cabinet design incorporates sharp, stylish lines, balanced by rounded edges and elegantly tapered support legs.  The taller, thinner body occupies less space than previous generation models, and contributes to the piano’s light character, yet it retains the classic wooden toeblocks that provide a sense of stability and substance.

This combination of both traditional and modern design elements reflects Kawai’s rich acoustic piano heritage, while underscoring the state-of-the-art digital technology inside the latest instruments.

Adjustable music rest

The CA701’s broad music rest is designed to accommodate the most ambitious musical works, with smoothly rounded edges and a sturdy base for supporting large score books.

As with a grand piano, the viewing angle of the Concert Artist’s music rest can be adjusted to suit the performer’s height and playing position, or even set to a special ‘composer desk’ angle for greater convenience when notating scores or sketching musical ideas.

Score support pins

The CA701’s music rest base also incorporates score support pins, which can be raised to hold the pages of thicker score books securely in place.

The smooth, rounded edges and gently tapered design give the score support pins a high quality, premium feel, while their crystal-like transparent finish also helps to prevent obscuring the notation behind.

Cabinet Finishes

The CA701 is available in a choice of four attractive cabinet finishes: Premium Rosewood, Premium Satin Black, Premium Satin White, and luxurious Ebony Polish, allowing musicians to coordinate their piano with a range of modern interiors.

* For a visual representation of the piano in each finish, please refer to the Gallery function at the top of this page.

* Cabinet finish availability dependent on market location.


  • Grand Feel III action, 88 wooden keys, Grade-weighted hammers, Ivory Touch white key surfaces, Ebony Touch black key surfaces, Let-off simulation, Triple sensor key detection, 88-key Graded counterweights

  • Grand Feel Pedal System, Damper (with half-pedal support), Soft (with half-pedal support), Sostenuto

  • SK-EX Rendering, 88-key multi-channel sampling, SK-EX Competition Grand Piano recording, SK-EX Concert Grand Piano recording, Harmonic Imaging XL (HI-XL), 88-key stereo sampling, SK-EX-L, SK-EX, SK-5, EX, K-60 recording, 256 note maximum polyphony

  • SK-EX Rendering: Resonance Modelling, Damper Resonance, String Resonance, Undamped String Resonance, Aliquot Resonance, Harmonic Imaging XL: Acoustic Rendering, Damper Resonance, String Resonance, Undamped String Resonance, Cabinet Resonance

  • Virtual Piano Artisan (20 parameters), Touch Curve (incl. User Touch Curve), Voicing (incl. 88-key User Voicing), String Resonances, Damper Noise, Undamped String Resonance, Cabinet Resonance, Key-off Effect, Fall-back Noise, Hammer Noise, Hammer Delay, Topboard Simulation, Decay Time, Release Time, Minimum Touch, Stretch Tuning (incl. 88-key User Tuning), Temperament (incl. User Temperament), Temperament Key, Key Volume (incl. 88-key User Key Volume), Half-Pedal Adjust, Soft Pedal Depth, Virtual Piano Artisan presets (10 presets)

  • SK-EX Rendering: 5+5 rendering characters, Harmonic Imaging XL: 96 voices

  • SK-EX Rendering: Ambience (10 types), Harmonic Imaging XL: Reverb (6 types)

  • 24 types

  • 13 cm x 2 (woofers), (8 x 12) cm x 2 (top speakers, with diffusers), 5 cm x 2 (tweeters)

  • 110 W (55 W + 55 W)

  • Premium headphone amplifier, Spatial Headphone Sound, Headphone Type, Headphone Amplifier

  • 5" LCD touchscreen (480 x 800 pixels), Anti-glare display

  • Sliding type

  • Collapsible type (6 angle adjustability), Score support pins

  • Width - 145 cm (57")

  • Depth - 49.5 cm (19 1/2")

  • Height - 97 cm (38 1/5") [music rest flat], 114.5 cm (45") [music rest raised]

  • Net Weight - 76.5 kg (168 2/3 lbs.), 80 kg (176 1/2 lbs.) [Ebony Polish]

  • Dimensions - 159 (W) x 69.5 (D) x 65 (H) cm

  • Gross Weight - 89.5 kg (without bench), 98 kg (with bench), 92.5 kg (without bench) [Ebony Polish], 101 kg (with bench) [Ebony Polish]

  • Premium Satin Black (CA701B), Premium Satin White (CA701W), Premium Rosewood (CA701R), Ebony Polish (CA701EP)

  • Dual, Split, Four Hands, Transpose, Tuning, Low Volume Balance, User Sounds, Startup Settings

  • Sound Demo - 39 songs

  • Piano Music - 29/42 songs *

  • Concert Magic - 176 songs

  • Burgmüller 25 (25 Etudes Faciles, Opus 100), Czerny 30 (Etudes de Mécanisme, Opus 849), Czerny 100 (Hundert Übungsstücke, Opus 139), Beyer 106 (Vorschule im Klavierspiel, Opus 101), J.S. Bach: Inventionen, Sonatinen Album 1, Chopin Walzer (Chopin waltzes series), Chopin Etudes (Opus 10), Alfred’s Premier Piano Course Lesson 1A, Alfred’s Premier Piano Course Lesson 1B, Alfred’s Basic Piano Library Lesson Book Level 1A, Alfred’s Basic Piano Library Lesson Book Level 1B, Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course Lesson Book Level 1

  • Total Memory - approximately 90,000 notes

  • No. of Songs - 10 songs

  • Parts - 2 parts

  • Time Signatures - 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 3/8, 6/8, 7/8, 9/8, 12/8

  • Drum Rhythms - 100 patterns

  • Bluetooth (Ver. 5.0; GATT compatible), Bluetooth Low Energy MIDI Specification compliant, Bluetooth Audio (Ver. 5.1; A2DP compatible)

  • Record/Playback - MP3, WAV, SMF (Playback only)

  • Other Functions - Overdubbing, Line In recording

  • PianoRemote (iOS/Android), PiaBookPlayer (iOS/Android)

  • Headphone - 1 x 1/4", 1 x 1/8" Stereo jacks

  • MIDI - USB-MIDI, Bluetooth MIDI *

  • Line Out - 1/4" L/MONO, R [unbalanced]

  • Line In - 1/8" Stereo (with volume adjust knob) [unbalanced]

  • USB to Host - ✔

  • USB to Device - ✔

  • Others - USB for Update

  • 45 W

  • Power cable

  • Fixed-height or height-adjustable bench *

  • Headphone hook

  • Classical Piano Collection *, Classical Lesson Scores *, Finger Exercises

  • Warranty Card *, Owner’s Manual, Internal Song Lists