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The UltraLite-mk5 includes renowned ESS Sabre32™ DAC technology, featuring the ES9026PRO DAC, to deliver measured 125 dB dynamic range and -114 dB THD+N. Renowned drivers deliver rock-solid performance and industry-leading low latency.

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The fifth-generation MOTU UltraLite-mk5 packs 40 simultaneous channels — 18-in and 22-out — in a compact, portable USB audio interface that vaunts reference-quality ESS SABRE PRO D/A and an astonishing 2.4ms of round-trip latency. The UltraLite-mk5’s dual microphone preamps offer crystal-clear audio capture, and with this much I/O at your disposal, you’ll have no trouble integrating your favorite outboard hardware. This high-performance audio interface’s loopback functionality makes podcasting and livestreaming a piece of cake. Likewise, thanks to excellent-sounding onboard DSP and overhauled CueMix 5 software, achieving spot-on monitor mixes is super simple. Compatible with Mac, PC, and iOS, the MOTU UltraLite-mk5 comes with Performer Lite DAW software, 100-plus virtual instruments, and 6GB of loops/samples.



Ultra-low latency

Optimized drivers for both Mac and PC deliver ultra-low latency performance. With a high-performance DAW such as Digital Performer, the UltraLite-mk5 delivers an astonishing round trip latency (RTL) of 2.4 ms (milliseconds) over USB (at 96 kHz with a 32-sample host buffer).


Built for studio and stage

Housed in a compact, steel enclosure you can take anywhere, the UltraLite-mk5 is equally well-suited for studio and stage, with or without a computer. Connect all your personal studio gear for state-of-the art computer-based recording and production, or take it to your next gig to mix live, without a computer.


40 simultaneous audio channels 

As an interface or mixer, the UltraLite-mk5 provides 18 inputs and 22 outputs, for a total of 40 simultaneous, independent I/O channels. You get 2 mic/line/instrument inputs, 6 line inputs, 10 line outputs, headphone out and 8-channel optical I/O. The optical ports alternatively support stereo TOSLink (optical S/PDIF).

All the I/O you need

Connect all of your audio gear, including speakers, headphones, mics, guitars,
synths, keyboards, drum machines, effects processors and even MIDI devices.

USB Class Compliance

iOS compatibility

The UltraLite-mk5 is USB audio class compliant, giving you plug-and-play compatibility with iPad® and other Apple® iOS devices. Record on-the-go, directly to your iPad, or play backing tracks during a gig, mixed with your live inputs with the UltraLite-mk5’s built-in mixing. Control everything from the CueMix 5™ mixing app on your iPad or iPhone.

Live Streaming


The UltraLite-mk5 provides convenient loopback channels to your host computer or iOS device, so you can easily route computer output, along with a mix of live inputs from the UltraLite-mk5 itself, back to the computer, where you can record it back into your podcasting host software or stream it live to the internet. Streaming and podcasting has never been easier and better-sounding!

Rack-Mount Operation

Half-rack Mounting Kit

Ready for serious touring, the steel-encased UltraLite-mk5 can be rack-mounted with thick, steel brackets designed to withstand the punishment on the road ahead. (Sold separately)

Half-rack Coupler Kit

Join two UltraLite-mk5 units together, side by side, to fill a space in your rack or road case. Thick steel brackets ensure everything connects solidly as a singular full-rack unit. (Sold separately)

Monitor Mixing with Effects

Introducing CueMix™ 5

CueMix 5 gives you simple, yet comprehensive graphic control over your mix. CueMix 5 is a completely new app with attractive graphic mixing, graphic editing of parametric EQ, and a convenient touch-friendly interface for quick access to all mixing features, digitally controlled trims and other settings in your UltraLite-mk5.

Start making music right away with included workstation software, virtual instruments and loops

Connect the UltraLite-mk5 to your Mac or PC and start laying down tracks with the included Performer Lite production
software, plus hundreds of loops, one-shots and sounds from industry leaders Big Fish Audio, Lucidsamples and Loopmasters.

Reference-quality ESS SABRE PRO D/A and super-low latency

Whether you’re onstage or in the studio, top-shelf sound and rock-solid operation are crucial. The UltraLite-mk5 delivers on both fronts. It boasts ESS Technology’s reference-quality ES9026PRO SABRE D/A, which yields a 125dB dynamic range and -114dB THD+N. You’ll benefit from round-trip latency of 2.4ms over USB at 24-bit/96kHz. And, thanks to optimized drivers, the UltraLite-mk5 offers reliable performance on Mac, PC, and iOS.

Onboard DSP and overhauled CueMix 5 software

Here at Sweetwater, one of our favorite UltraLite-mk5 features is its excellent-sounding onboard DSP, which includes reverb, a 4-band parametric EQ, and dynamics. This USB audio interface also includes a built-in, DSP-driven 22-in/6-out monitor mixer that provides a separate monitor mix for each analog output pair. MOTU’s CueMix 5 software gives you easy-to-use, comprehensive, graphic control over your mix. Plus, CueMix 5 has been completely overhauled — its eye-grabbing graphic mixing, graphic editing of its parametric EQ, and convenient, touch-friendly interface are guaranteed to turbocharge your workflow.


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