Mozart – 21 Concert Arias for Soprano: Schirmer Library of Classics Volume 4482 (Schirmer’s Library of Musical Classics, 4482)


(Vocal). Collected for the first time in one convenient and inexpensive edition.

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(Vocal). Collected for the first time in one convenient and inexpensive edition. Contents: Voi avete un cor fedele, K. 217 (You’ve a heart benign and loyal) * Ah, lo previdi!, K. 272 (Ah, my foreboding!) * Alcandro, lo confesso…Non so d’onde viene, K. 294 (Alcandro, I confess it…I know not from wither) * Besta, vincesti…Ah non lasciarmi, no, K. 486a (Silence! you’ve conquered!…Ah! do not let us part) * Popoli di Tessaglia!, K. 316 (Thessaly’s people) * Kommet her, ihr frechen Sunder, K. 146 (Sinners, come!) * Ma che vi fece, o stelle…Sperai vicino il lido, K. 368 (Tell me, ye stars…I trusted my haven was nearer) * Misera, dove son!…Ah! non son io che parlo, K. 369 (Where am I?…Not mine the voice complaining) * A questo seno, deh! vieni…Or che il cielo, K. 374 (O come to me…They who feel not love’s devotion) * Nehmt meinen Dank, K. 383 (Thank you, my friends) * Mia speranza adorata!…Ah! non sai qual pena, K. 416 (Dearest Hope, my Beloved!…You know not how my heart is breaking) * Vorrei spiegarvi, oh Dio!, K. 418 (If I, O Heaven, could tell you) * No, no, no, che non sei capace, K. 419 (No, no, no, truly you know nothing) * Non piu. Tutto ascoltai…Non temer, amato bene, K. 490 (No more, I heard it clearly…Do not fear my love may alter) * Chio mi scordi di te?…Non temer, amato bene, K. 505 (I forget you, my dear?… Do not fear my love may alter) * Bella mia fiamma… Resta, oh cara, K. 528 (Heart’s beauty flaming…Stay, Love, I perish) * Ah se in ciel, benigne stelle, K. 538 (Friendly stars, if yet in Heaven) * Al desio di chi t’adora, K. 577 (Let my longing and supplication) * Alma grande e nobil core, K. 578 (One whose spirit is true and noble) * Chi sa, chi sa, qual sia, K. 582 (Who knows my swain’s affliction?) * Vado, ma dove?, K. 583 (Whither I’m going I Know not)

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