Original Pianoforte Pieces, Book III (Original Pianoforte Pieces (ABRSM))


Selected from 60 years of ABRSM’s piano examinations.


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• Selected from 60 years of ABRSM’s piano examinations

  • Pastorale [Gerald Briscoe]
  • A Lullaby [Harold Craxton]
  • A Celtic Song [Thomas Dunhill]
  • Sing-song [Ivor R. Foster]
  • Chimes [Eric Grant]
  • Sad Dance [Terence Greaves]
  • John Rutland’s Bourrée [Margaret Judd]
  • Siamese Cat’s Cradle [Bryan Kelly]
  • Night March [W. S. Lloyd Webber]
  • Roundabout [Dorothy Pilling]
  • Allegro [Ivan Quinnell]
  • A Simple Story [Alan Richardson]
  • A Little Fable [Harold Samuel]
  • The Joker [Roy Teed]
  • Light-Foot: No. 3 from ‘Odd Moments’ [William Alwyn]
  • Merry Andrew’s Procession, from ‘Country Pageant’ [Herbert Howells]
  • Sleepy Head: No. 6 from ‘The Young Idea’ [Felix Swinstead]

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