Premier Piano Course, Lesson 2B (Book and CD)


Alfred’s Premier Piano Course.

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Alfred’s Premier Piano Course is an excellent choice for a comprehensive approach to piano instruction for beginner students. The series is comprised of a series of books:

•    Lesson – Lesson books are the core of Alfred’s PPC. Lesson books introduce all the new musical concepts: note reading, rhythm and technique exercises, and sight-reading. Lesson books are available with CD to enhance the learning experience. The recordings provide examples at performance tempos as well as slower speeds for practice.

•    Theory – The Theory books correlate page-by-page with the Lesson Books. They are an invaluable resource for the beginning students. Each new musical concept is reinforced with written exercises, listening exercises, composition, games, and puzzles.

•    Performance – The Performance books provide skill-appropriate and exciting repertoire in a wide variety of styles.

•    Technique – The Technique books contain exercises to help students achieve technical aptitude. Skills addressed in the Technique books include arm weight, finger weight and independence, strong fingertips, thumb position, and overall hand position.

Level 2B

Level 2B continues to increase the student’s note reading ability and technical skills. Students begin to move around the keyboard more with 7ths and octaves. New musical concepts introduced in level 2B include: C and G Major scales, 3-note tonic and dominant chords in C and G Major, and dotted quarter note and eighth note rhythms.