Suite: Londoner Manuskript No. 26. Gitarre. (Edition Schott)


Suite: Londoner Manuskript No. 26. Gitarre. (Edition Schott)

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Silvius Leopold Weiss (1686-1750) is considered the most important lutenist of the Baroque period. His works on the lute impress with their elegance and grandeur.
This effect is achieved by making optimal use of the tuning of the baroque lute, in which thirds – compared to fourths on the guitar – predominate.
The pieces are composed in such a way that the lutenist can often strike open strings and only rarely has to perform strenuous fingerings or even stretch the left hand.
The main goal of the arrangement for guitar was to preserve as much as possible the resulting ease of playing on the guitar and the embellishments typical of Weiss (especially the acciaccaturas).
In this way, the tuning of the lute is approached cautiously without the player having to change significantly. Difficulty level: 3-4