Violin Playtime Book 3: Very First Pieces with Piano Accompaniment


Violin Playtime Book 3.


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With Violin Playtime Book 3, the beginner violinist can make music from the very first lessons. In the three books that make up this series, there are over a hundred little pieces, a treasure-trove of attractive tunes – some traditional, some by composers of the past, some newly composed.

This is more then just an easy anthology, as the underlying approach is ‘learn as you play’, and a carefully devised ground plan of technical development makes it a manual in disguise, a tutor without text.

This book is for players of about grade 2. Lively illustrations contribute visually to the excitement of learning the violin. Violin Playtime Book 1 caters for players from the beginning to around grade 1, while Violin Playtime Book 2 is for those firmly within grade 1.

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